The ideal way to enhance your garden, decking has proven to be a popular choice with homeowners in recent years. At MB Landscapes, we provide decking installation services to customers in Tonbridge and across the wider Kent area, enabling you to enjoy a fantastic space for relaxing and entertaining in your garden.

Timber is the most common material used in the decking we install and is a fantastic way of extending your living space outdoors. Easy to maintain, our timber decking can create a flexible space that is great for entertaining, dining as a family, playing on for the kids, and simply relaxing on and enjoying the sunshine.

Hardwood and softwood decking options available

At MB Landscapes, we offer both hardwood and softwood options for your new decking.

Hardwood decking

Our hardwood decking is made from wood that has been grown slowly over many years and as such is extremely durable and hardwearing. This means it can withstand the harsh weather conditions it may face in this country. Likely to last you many years, it’s appearance can also improve over the years as it becomes more weathered.

Softwood decking

Softwood decking is your more affordable option; however it is fantastic value for money and if looked after well can be a cost effective way of introducing decking to your outside space. The boards are strong and durable and come from coniferous trees which grow quicker and therefore make this wood more economical.

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