Is it worth paying for landscaping?

Garden landscaping from a professional can turn a sad outdoor area into beautiful extra space that meets your needs in terms of enjoying gardening, providing a place to relax, dine, and cook, too, and a space for kids to play.

How can I save money on landscaping?

Having a clear idea on what you want from your garden can help reduce the need to make changes later on, and also looking to buy plants and flowers when they are on sale can help to save money.

How much does landscaping add to the value of a house?

A nicely presented garden alone can be seen to add 20% to your house value and past research has shown that approximately 70% of home buyers would pay more for a property with an outdoor green space.

Do you do Garden Designs?

While we don’t use CAD designs for our garden designs as we prefer to plant and make gardens that flow from the available space, we can work with one if you already have one available.

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